Don Corbett is hosting a Sep 23/24/25th Orrville, Ontario ride to cap off the season. Classic riders >50 only. Folks can stay at Don’s Sugar Lake Shack at 13.2 Loon Drive FR.

For shack stay, all one needs is a toothbrush, sleeping bag, pillow and towel… and good stories and tolerance for snorers.

Friday 23rd ride is fun 32k tune up along #518 Tallyho at 4ish and then in to Parry Sound for dinner at Kudos for 6:30ish.

The big ride would be out and back on Saturday. For some it can be 70k to Sprucedale on the VERY quiet roads. For others it can be 100k.. and we may consider a 134k ride!!

We’d meet at 10am (it may be cold so that allows some warmth to manifest) at the NEW Orrville Gazebo.

Return to shack for shower/swim and off to Rosseau for late lunch at 3ish.. or Don can provide lunch at Cottage.

Sunday’s ride is same time and start place will be via 518/Rankin/141/Tallyho/518 at 67k is for those that want to stay Saturday night at the palatial Shack.