Q: In addition to shorts, socks and jersey when it gets below 24 degrees celcius what should I consider wearing?





Below Wear
24 Polypropelene short sleeve undershirt
20 Add arm warmers
15 Polypropelene long sleeve undershirt & jersey, knee warmers & warm socks
10 Cycling jacket (or vest on top of above), full gloves, full longs, heavy wool socks
5 Add booties, warm long sleeve undershirt(s), warmer gloves and headband / hat
0 Warmer underlayers, booties & even warmer hat and gloves

Things to also consider is how long you will be riding during the colder tempature. Is it supposed to warm up 5 – 10 degrees for most of the ride? How strong is the wind and what is the windchill supposed to be. As you pay more attention to what to wear you will no doubt learn what works best for you.