Notice is hereby given to the Members of the UCC that the Club’s Annual General Meeting will take place at York Downs Golf and Country Club on Thursday April 12, 2012 at 7:00 PM. (Please note that as per York Downs’ membership and guest rules, no jeans are allowed).

Please plan on attending. We need to have at least 25% of the Members in attendance in order to have a quorum. The Agenda for the Meeting is set out below.

Membership dues for the 2012 season can be paid after the Meeting (bring your cheque books – cash will not be accepted).

This year the annual fee for returning and new members will be $25 a person. Please note that any Member who fails to pay the 2012 annual dues by May 15th, 2012 will have his or her name stricken from the Membership Roll.

For those members who do not have jerseys, you can place an order for a jersey after the meeting. Sizing samples for Jerseys will be available at the meeting.

A Member and Guest Social will follow after the meeting. Members are also invited to bring one or more guests to the Meeting who are interested in joining the Club. Guests may observe the Meeting and will have an opportunity to meet the Members and the UCC Executive. If you are bringing a guest, ask your guest to bring their cheque book along just in case he or she decides to join.

A Cash Bar will be available after the Meeting.

If anyone is interested in participating on the executive, please let us know. Well will be accepting nominations for the Board of Directores at the meeting. We encourage members to get involved in the executive!!! Change is good.

If any member wishes to put forth a motion at the meeting, please provide Cosimo Crupi with details of the motion by email before March 31st, 2012. As long as the motion pertains to a matter which can be properly be put before the membership for consideration as per the UCC Constitution, it will be added to the agenda.

It is going to be a great cycling season so start training….


  1. Call the Meeting to Order.
  2. Determine if quorum exists.  If quorum exists, proceed to remaining items of business on the Agenda.  If a quorum does not exist, Meeting to be adjourned to another date to be determined.
  3. President Report followed by Q & A
  4. Treasurer’s Report followed by Q & A
  5. Call for Approval of Treasurer’s Report
  6. Approval and Ratification of prior acts of the Directors for the prior fiscal year
  7. Canadian/Ontario Cycling Association Membership – At the meeting the Directors will be recommending to the Members that the Club join the Canadian/Ontario Cycling Association primarily so that Club members can be enrolled in the OCA’s insurance program.  Also, for more information visit: Discussion will be held on this matter and then a vote will be taken.  Pursuant to the Constitution, the UCC can only join the CCA/OCA upon a motion passed by the Members at the Annual General Meeting.
  8. Call for nominations for President and Four Directors (See Section 6.03 and 6.07 of the Constitution)
  9. Election of President and four (4) Directors
  10. Other proper business as may be presented by Members in attendance
  11. Adjourn Meeting